Statisticians stepping up – leadership success stories – Part 1

Interview with Ludi and Sam

  • Do you have what it takes to be a leader?
  • What skills can you learn from The Effective Statistician Leadership program?
  • How can The Effective Statistician Leadership program help you become a better influencer?

In this interview, I’m speaking with two leadership students, Sam and Ludi, on what they have developed throughout The Effective Statistician Leadership program. You’ll learn a lot about how leadership helps you to achieve your goals at work and how it also helps you to increase your job satisfaction.

These are the points we have talked about:

  • What they find most helpful about the program
  • What skills they have improved on
  • What they learned from based on the leadership assignments
  • What they think about the mastermind concept
  • What they learned about business acumen
  • How the program helped them to have more influence at work

Listen now and be inspired to become a leader.

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