Present like a pro – 14 presentation tips

Have you been sitting through boring presentations?
Have you felt that the presenter lost the audience in seconds?
Have you found yourself after a presentation thinking – so what?

When you are presenting, you don’t want the audience to feel this way. But how can you deliver a knock-out presentation and wow the audience?

In today’s episode, Benjamin and I discuss 14 presentation tips that really work. We speak about:

  1.  Be clear on your goals
  2.  Have a strong start
    • Start with a story, conclusions, then introduce yourself 
    • Enter the room or stage with confidence 
  3. Speak to Ethos, Pathos and Logos
  4. Establish a powerful position 
  5. Make eye contact 
  6. Smile 
  7. Never lean back when sitting – better stand up
  8. Dress appropriately 
    • Avoid anything distracting 
    • Appear confidently 
  9. Position your camera well
  10. Use pauses intentionally 
  11. Variation of the voice 
    • Loud and soft
    • Pitch
    • Speed
  12. Use wide gestures to increase your word choices
  13. Using visuals effectively
    • They support the presenter, not vice versa 
    • No complete sentence s
    • Few words 
    • Pictures 
    • Figures
    • Rarely tables 
    • Use bullet points sparingly 
    • Less is more
  14. Have a powerful end.
    • Story and conclusions and call to action 

Listen to this episode and present like a pro!
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