My story of the Effective Statistician and what you can learn from it

Are you curious about why and how I started The Effective Statistician?
What’s in it for you?
Why I’m passionate about it?

It all started when I became a new supervisor and had my first direct reports and I thought I really needed to learn about supervisory skills but I had very limited time. I found out that podcasts really help to learn while I commute to work – it’s effective.

In this podcast, you can learn a lot from the following:

  • What are my learnings along the way?
  • What are my struggles?
  • What are the strategies I use?
  • How I balance work and family life?
  • How the production team helps me?
  • What the effective statistician means to me?

Please leave a comment below about what you like and don’t like! This will help me to improve and bring more value to you.

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