Failed study, new safety finding, mistakes – breaking bad news

As statisticians, we often need to bring terrible news to the team. We’re the first to know, that a study didn’t reach the primary endpoint, or that safety analyses showed some new signals, or that some analyses contained mistakes, that need to be corrected.

How do you deal with such situations?

In today’s episode, Benjamin and I discuss the following points:

  • First mover advantage
  • Preparing and planning
    • Be clear on your goals
    • Who do you want to move from A to B 
    • What questions will come up?
    • What will be our replies?
    • What will be the follow-up questions?
    • Who will be affected?
    • Who needs/must know first?
    • How do you communicate it?

How to break the bad news:

  • Tell it all
  • Tell it fast
  • Tell them what you’re doing about it
  • Tell them, when it’s over
  • Get back to work

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