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Interview with Guillaume Desachy and Nicole Krämer

Interview with Guillaume Desachy and Nicole Krämer

Biomarkers help you in all kinds of different ways, so stay tuned while Guillaume, Nicole, and I talk about the following points:

  • What are biomarkers for you?
  • What makes it such an interesting topic?
  • Why do you want to revitalize the biomarker SIG?
  • What are your goals for the SIG?
  • The richness of biomarkers requires more advanced methods. What would you foresee your SIG to do about these?
  • How can people join the SIG?

Reference: SIGS Biomakers

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Guillaume Desachy

Since graduating from ENSAI (Biostatistics M. Sc.) 10 years ago, Guillaume has been immersing himself in precision medicine.

Data-driven, he is passionate about answering scientific questions and making sure we convey the right message to stakeholders, both internally & externally. 

He feels very fortunate to have had the chance to work with various kinds of OMICs data and leverage the power of biomarkers to strengthen drug development.

He also feels incredibly lucky to have worked in a diverse set of settings, be it in academia (UCSF, U.S.), in a biotech (Enterome, France) or in the pharmaceutical industry (BMS, Servier & AstraZeneca, France & Sweden). He now works as a Statistical Science Director for AstraZeneca in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Apart from his day job at AstraZeneca, Guillaume teaches a course about OMICs data analysis at ENSAI (, is a Board Member in the ENSAI alumni association ( and is a mentor for Article 1, a non-profit organization promoting equal opportunity (

Whether it is to discuss statistics, choices that you are making in your early career or any other subject, you can contact him via LinkedIn (

Nicole Krämer

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Nicole is a senior principal statistician at Boehringer Ingelheim in Biberach, Germany. As a member of the Therapeutic Area & Methodology Statistics Group, she supports clinical development teams in terms of strategy and methodology for biomarker analysis, translational topics and early clinical development. Her interests include complex high-dimensional data, subgroup identification and model validation.

She received her PhD in machine learning in 2006. Together with Guillaume Desachy, she chairs the EFSPI/PSI Biomarker Special Interest Group. She is also a member of the EFSPI/PSI Subgroups Special Interest Group.

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