Best of PSI 2018 – my personal view

Today I’m looking back at the PSI conference 2018 in Amsterdam. You’ll learn about my personal highlights and key take aways from the conference.

I have also interviewed some interesting people from the conference for you to get some feeling about the atmosphere at this amazing event.

In this episode, I’m  covering the following episodes:

  • Nupur Kolis key note speach in the plenary session  about “The Future of Healthcare: Trends, Opportunities and Challenges“
  • Interview with Nelson Kinnersley about the workshop “Owning Your Own Development”
  • The session “Not Just Another AE Table” with an interview with Maria Costa about “Personalised Benefit-Risk Assessment”
  • The workshop “Learn How To Swing: Hands on Workshop on Preference Elicitation in the Age of Personalised Medicine”
  • The session “Estimands Case Studies”
  • The session “Gone in 60 Seconds (Poster Review)” including an interview with Jules Hernandez-Sanchez
  • The keynote by Steve Ruberg about “Statistics and Data Science: Is Six the Same as a Half-Dozen?”
  • The workshop “Improving Your Communication”
  • The session “Patient Centricity”
  • The session “What Matters Most? – A Scientific Advice Role Play” including an interview with Mouna Akacha
  • The session “A Picture Says More Than 1000 Tables – Interactive Data Review”
  • The session “Regulatory Town Hall”


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