5 levels of statistical leadership

What are the 5 levels of statistician leadership?
How you can develop your leadership skills over time?

Leadership is multidimensional. It depends on lots of different skills like communication, being a good team player, building trust and relationship, negotiating conflicts, and more. The kind of leadership that I am talking about is not supervising other people or the administrative type of leadership, but it’s a type of cross functional influencing where you lead others that don’t necessarily report to you.

To simplify it, we have developed these 5 levels of statistical leadership:

  1. Implementer – I do what you tell me
  2. Analyser – Tell me what you want to analyse and I will suggest analysis and implement them
  3. Consultant – I understand your problem and I advise you what the team should do
  4. Leader – I understand your problem and I convince you what we should do
  5. Entrepreneur – I deeply understand the business and I foresee the changes in the business. I build an environment in which statistical leaders grow.

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