3 Time management hacks, that actually work

Given the pandemic, this episode comes timely as it’s a challenge to manage time while working at home.

But even after the pandemic, this challenge of getting most out of your time will not end.

In today’s episode, Benjamin and I talk about different time management hacks to be productive and efficient while working at home. We talk specifically about these points:

Things you should establish first:

  • Be clear on your goals and keep them in front of you
  • Focus on building great habits as these will carry you to success

Three time management hacks:

  1. Saying no and turning things back – reflect work
  2. Focus your efforts and concentration (schedule time, manage distractions)
  3. Get and stay organized (calendar, to-dos, meetings, filing ….) – apply the 4 principles from Atomic Habits


Listen to this episode and learn the effective hacks. Please also share this with your friends and colleagues!

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