2 learnings from 150 episodes and an Important announcement

I still can’t believe how fast things happened, and I am truly grateful for all of this. I interviewed a lot of people who have the same goal as mine – that is to build our expertise. I learned a lot and how important it is to know where the people I interview are coming from and how important it is to adapt my language to theirs.

In this episode, let’s dive in the 2 learnings I had:

  1. How marketing helps me in my job
    • Communication skills
    • Telling stories
    • Listening to the needs
    • Selling and influencing
    • Change management
  2. How having personal and team vision helps me
    • How to stay on track
    • Goals and achievement through persistence
    • Take others with you
    • How expanding my team helped me a lot

Listen to this amazing episode and share this with your friends who can learn and get inspired from this!

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